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Roadtrip to Kirkcudbright

I planning in this blog to share my new work, works in progress, the way I work and where I work & live. Also events and exhibitions I'm taking part in and ones I have visited. Anything that inspires me and says a little bit more about me as an artist. There may also one or two photos of Rosie my hairy sidekick as she is with me a huge amount of the time!

This week me and the sidekick drove over to Kirkcudbright. I will be having an exhibition over there in the spring (more details to follow). It was a beautiful day and the exhibition was measured, photographed and checked out! Very exciting plans! After this was done, the weather was so good and the apprentice had behaved herself, we had to head to the coast. Kippford was the destination and combining long dog walk with lots of photographic inspiration was perfect. Some small palette knife landscapes based on these photos are planned for this week.

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