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Originally from Aberdeen I have now lived in the Scottish Borders for over 30 years after coming here to study. After graduating from the Scottish College of Textiles, I worked in the clothing industry and then started to work for myself in the late nineties. In the past 8 years looking for an additional outlet for my creative ideas, I have returned to painting something I have loved doing since I was a child. I use mainly acrylics as I love the bright colours I can achieve with them and their versatility.

I love to paint Scottish landscapes I have experienced and been part of. I also love the pure joy and colour contrasts of flower studies. I create my original paintings from my own photographs and plein air sketches. My paintings are colourful with bold quick expressive brushstrokes and built up in layers. Texture made from scratching, scraping or maybe pencil marks. An importance of contrast and increasingly abstract in style but always rooted in nature. I paint what I do as I love being outside - in a forest, at the top of a hill or with my feet wet on the seashore. I want to capture the lightness, the happiness and the energy I feel when I am outdoors and would like the viewers of my work to feel that too. Finding a personal way to paint what I see around me is very exciting and important to me.

I sell my work online and through a selected number of galleries in the Borders, Northumberland, Glasgow and Edinburgh. My work is also been bought internationally by private collectors and I have taken part in the Borders Art Fair and a number of local exhibitions and events here in the Scottish Borders.

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